Main topics

TUHK (National Commission of Hydrology)

1. Surface Water Resources
2. Groundwater Hydrology
3. Flood and Drought Hydrology
4. Hydrological Processes

TUJAK (National Commission of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy).

1. Geomagnetism and Aeoronomy (Tectonomagnetic Observations, Changes of
Earth Magnetic Field, Earth Magnetic Field Modelling, Magnetic Storms, Ionospheric Changes, Satellite and Planetary Magnetism)
2. Electromagnetism (Lithospheric Studies, Mine and Geothermal Exploration Studies)
3. Rock Magnetism, Environmental Magnetism, Paleomagnetism and Tectonics
4. Archaeomagnetism and Magnetic Search Methods

TUJK (National Commission of Geodesy)

1. Regional and Global Geodetic Reference Networks
2. Height Systems and Gravity
3. Geodynamics and Deformation Applications
4. Positioning and Applications

TUMAK (National Commission of Meteorology and Atmosphere Physics)

1. Climate, Climate Change and Climate Models
2. Extreme Weather Events Analysis and its Effects
3. Renewable Energy and Meteorological Applications
4. Remote Sensing and Applications in Meteorology

TUOK (National Commission of Oceanography)

1. Marine-based Natural Disasters and Tsunami.
2. Physical Dynamics of Sea-based Renewable Energy
3. Sea Level Change and Oceanographic Observation Systems
4. Sea Depth Measurements and Evaluation

TUSAK (National Commission of Seismology and Interior of the Earth Physics)

1. Seismological observation and interpretation
2. Seismic hazard, risk and strong ground motion
3. Tectonophysics and earth crust structure
4. Pre-earthquake processes: modelling and observation
TUSAK Special Session: TUSAK: Tsunami and Aegean Sea Earthquakes.

TUVAK (National Commission of Volcanology and Interior of the Earth Chemistry)