Congress Registration


(28.04 – 29.05.2018)
(30.05 – 02.06.2018)
Full Delegate*  200 ₺
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 250₺ 300₺
Emeritus Delegate** 150₺
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 200₺ 250₺
Student Delegate*** 75₺
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100₺ 125₺
Visitors 50₺
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75₺ 100₺

Full text publication fee is 100 TL per publication. Congress registration fee covers only one full text publication fee. For authors having more than one publication should pay extra 100 TL for each of their publication(s) (Deadline for the payment: 13 April 2018)

* Full Delegate: Oral/Poster presenter
** Emeritus Delegate: Individuals having valid document (retired id card)
*** Student Delegate: Students having documentation (student id card) showing a current registration in 2017/18 Fall semester

Registration fee include
• Congress attendance
• Kit (bag, brochure, etc.)
• Proceedings book with ISBN
• Beverages (Tea, coffee)
• Opening cocktail

1. Congress kit will be delivered to attendees having paid their registration fee. They should provide a valid ID card, passport, etc. for claiming it. Congress kit will not be delivered to those other than attendee herself.
2. Oral/poster presentations will be charged with the same amount. PhD/MA/MSc students will pay the same amount of registration fee.
3. Publication fee covers only one publication. 100 TL publication fee must be paid for each of multiple publications. An author with three publications must pay one registration fee and two publication fees. Prepaid publication fees will be deduced from the registration fee in case of on-site registration. Authors with no payment will be excluded from the programme and their work(s) from the proceedings book.
4. Please provide your valid retired ID card or valid student card at the registration desk.