Turkey has been a member of International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) since 1948. As a national equivalent of IUGG, Turkish National Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (TNUGG) was founded in 1968. Since its foundation nearly half a century ago, TNUGG has made important contributions to scientific activities in the country by bringing human and equipment potential together.

Supporting scientific activities and collaboration among the institutions will enhance a country’s or a society’s position in the modern civilized world considerably. The cooperation among the universities and other public and private institutions has gained greater importance in today’s world, where scientific researches have been increasing. The TNUGG has been providing remarkable achievement through generating synergetic and collaborative environment.

I believe that the union will be more successful at both national and international levels with your contribution and will carry out further useful studies for the country. Hereby I appreciate our all esteemed members who have contributed to the union.

One of the recent mission of the TNUGG is that 2023 meeting of the General Assembly of the IUGG is to be hosted in Turkey. Prior to the application deadline for this important scientific event, the TNUGG took the decision that a national congress with international participation to be held between 30 May – 2 June 2018 in order to reveal Turkey’s scientific potential and to increase the necessary strength for the upcoming 2019 application.

Scientific meetings provide environments where information is disseminated and shared. TNUGG scientific congress will enable scientists from geodesy, geophysics and other related fields to come together and discuss interdisciplinary issues. Scientific meetings were up to now organized by individual commissions under auspices of the TNUGG. This congress will be the first which will be held with the participation of all commissions of the national union. The congress will thus be a national rehearsal of the IUGG-2023 meeting.
We look forward to your active participation at the TNUGG national congress. I hope this congress will provide stimulating atmosphere for fruitful discussions.

Yours respectfully,

Osman ALP
Brigadier general
Commander of the General Command of Mapping, Head of the TNUGG